We value our rainforest, our land, our homes. We work for our children's future.


We value education, employment, and development. We work to multiply opportunities in our communities.


We value peace, reconciliation, and harmony. We work to bring people together in unity.

We are a community of conscientious individuals who are passionate to espouse business for profit while addressing social issues that concerns our environment, our farmers, and the peace situation in our land; by advocating inclusive growth strategies and direct trade practices in the Philippine coffee industry.

We Train

We work with tribal & migrant farmers living in the highlands of the Philippines. We encourage cooperation, focus on value formation, and share with them industry standards that can help improve the quality of their coffee. We have trained communities in the mountain regions of Davao, Bukidnon, General Santos, and Kalinga.

We Process

Our show & tell approach has inspired many of our farming communities to take the initiative and begin improving their own processing techniques. We buy green beans from communities who have committed to quality over quantity. And we journey with our newer communities who want us to show them that our processing techniques are profitable.

We Market

What began as an income generating project for PeaceBuilders Community, a local Non-Government organization focused on peace and reconciliation, took off and became Coffee for Peace, Inc. Our showcase cafe has been open for 7 years. We now supply five different coffee shops nation wide.

Who are we? Meet Our Team!

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love people. And we make coffee, for peace.

Joji Felicitas B. Pantoja


Joji is the foremost female
social entrepreneur in Mindanao. She is CFP’s chief ambassador to the small-time farmers with whom we partner, training them in fair-trade principles and encouraging them to take control of each step in the coffee production process, so that they can maximize their earnings and improve their quality of life.

D. Byron B. Pantoja

Roasting & Logistics Manager

Among Byron’s many duties
at Coffee For Peace, he manages the export side of the business, filling overseas orders for our coffee. He also trains our partners and employees in every aspect of the coffee business, from tree cultivation to brewing a world class latte, and each production stage between crop and cup.

Dawn Albert Pates

Operations & Marketing Manager

In addition to running the Davao City
café, where we showcase our coffee, Dawn specializes in marketing our products and sharing our vision with friends around the world. She is a tireless social networker, online and in person, forging our connections to other organizations and individuals who want to help empower the small farmers of the Philippines.

What Do People Say About Us?

Coffee for peace

MANILA, Philippines - From a political activist to being a peace activist, Joji Pantoja knows what transformation can do to a person. Whether a farmer or an advocate, the change starts from within. And even in farming and planting coffee, the being...

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Coffee for Peace isn't just any ordinary coffee shop. The ambiance of the coffee shop indeed was peaceful and I loved its interior design. From floor to ceiling, it's decorated with Filipino crafts and most of all, it displayed fresh coffee beans in a bag...

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Coffee for Peace ships beans to Canada

Coffee for Peace (CFP) is the initiative of Joji Pantoja who with her husband Daniel, is a Mennonite Church Canada worker in the Philippines through their ministry, Peacebuilders Community Inc. CFP sells organically cultivated, locally grown and roasted coffee beans for fair-trade prices...

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Little NGO shop serves ‘just’ brewed coffee

Coffee for Peace evolved from a fund-raising effort of the Peacebuilders Community, a nongovernment organization working for peace and reconciliation in conflict areas in Mindanao. We are doing a lot of things so the question was: How will we be able to sustain them...

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Coffee for Peace, Matina

Come by and try some of these tasty items!

What’s New?


  • July 26, 2015

Longtime Coffee For Peace (CFP) barista Catherine Moreno Olitao wants the Philippines’ small farmers to hold onto their land. She sees how the modern, globalized economy squeezes the life out of traditional family based agriculture... Read More


  • July 18, 2015

At the close of 2007, young Rassiere Ramos was near to despairing. Unable to pay his college tuition, he had recently been forced to drop out. Rassiere’s family had always been poor. He and his three siblings all longed to earn college degrees and find professional employment so... Read More

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