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Coffee For Peace is feeling the need to increase our supply of coffee beans. Because we’re committed to serve fair-traded coffee only, we have to explore direct growers in Mindanao.

Through the introduction of a local spiritual leader, we met a group of farmers in Barangay Sibulan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur.  These coffee farmers belong to the Bagobo Tribe, one of the Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao or Lumad.

According to their leaders, their hard work is not compensated well by the local merchants who currently buy their coffee at a very low price.  This group of coffee growers has been looking for bulk buyers who would pay them justly.

When their spiritual leaders told their stories to us, we requested to set-up a meeting with them.  We drove through rugged terrains.  We hiked some trails.

The gathering in front of a humble home on a mountain plateau was very memorable and meaningful.  We listened to each family’s journey.  We heard their struggles.  We learned a lot!

That’s when we decided to propose a partnership.

We left the Bagobos of Sibulan with so much faith in their sincerity and capability to supply us with fair-traded coffee.