We’re so excitement as we prepare to open our second shop called CoffeeForPeace Bistro. It’s located at One Oasis Davao, a community that, according to our market study, would sustain our social business and would help in strengthening our advocacy among young professionals in Davao City. We’re happy with the work of our partner, Swito Architecture Designs, Inc., especially Gloryrose Dy Metilla, who’s passionately overseeing the construction of this shop.

CoffeeForPeace Bistro will be managed by Edna Pantoja who is the major investor in this branch. Edna has more than 25 years’ experience in food and beverage business; in the past 17 years, she and her crew were running the cafeteria of an American school in Shanghai. This Bistro will serve world class pastries by Mary Selorio, our CFP Baker. Most of the food we’ll serve will be designed by our CFP Chef, Nite Alparas, who is a graduate of  Center for Asian Culinary Studies. Our coffee service quality will be maintained and will continually be enhanced by Byron Pantoja, our CFP Master Barista.

Edna was inspecting the construction site and our Mennonite peacebuilding colleague, Jon Rudy, who happened to be visiting Davao City, joined us. Our architect was so happy to share with Jon how the cultures and arts of Mindanao will be portrayed in her design of the CFP Bistro.