Kapeyapaan. The term is a play of two combined words: kape (coffee) and kapayapaan (peace).

While the newly-designed Coffee For Peace Bistro and its future branches will be focused on serving the major cities, face-to-face with the branches of multinational corporations’ coffee shops, Kapeyapaan will serve the provincial centers and municipalities and will bring the locally-produced, world-class quality coffee to the rural folks. Kapeyapaan coffee drinks will be served along with local pastries and delicacies of various ethno-cultural contexts in the country.

The pilot Kapeyapaan coffee shop is now in its initial operations in Tabuk, Kalinga.

Soon, the second Kapeyapaan coffee shop will be opened in Valencia, Bukidnon.

Since 14 January 2010, the trademark and logo of Kapeyapaan has been legally registered and owned by Coffee For Peace, Inc.