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Lakan Sumulong, our CFP StoryTeller, visited our friends and partners in Kalinga last 28 January – 02 February 2017. He renewed and strengthened our relationship —

  • With the Alngag clan where Tala, one of our inclusive development mentors, belong. We’re especially grateful for Malou Alngag who shared her vision and enthusiasm to advance peace and reconciliation (PAR) principles and practices in Kalinga through her professional skills and expertise in the field of Public Administration.
  • With Aiza, our field worker in Kalinga; it was great to get to know her family and tribe through our StoryTeller — especially his father, Gilbert Baluyan — in Barangay Talalang, Balbalan, Upper Kalinga.
  • With the local religious and spiritual leaders there and the precious time of conversations to deepen our understanding of their worldview, value system, and customary laws.

  • With the leadership of the the Cordillera People’s Liberat√¨on Army (direct core group of the late Father Conrado Balweg), especially for the generous hospitality of Ma’am Chupan Chulsi, their Chief of Staff.
  • With Johnny Sawadan, a former deputy general secretary of the Cordillera People’s Alliance, and who is now volunteering to help establish PAR communities in the Cordillera Region.
  • With the local government officials, for giving us the chance to formally present the inclusive development consulting services of PeaceBuilders Community, Inc.¬†and the economic-ecological transformation initiatives of Coffee For Peace Inc.