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Five business students from St. John’s University in New York did a research on the performance of Coffee for Peace, Inc. Using the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), Samiha Huque, Salmaan Kapdi, Wilson Lee, Joslyn Mejicano, and Christina Melendez researched and identified our innovations at CFP. They interviewed Tala Alngag Bautista, our Senior Vice President, as a major source of their data.

In one of their reports, they described the CFP innovation:

Coffee for Peace is creating a system for the indigenous people of the Philippines to give them a way to succeed and to help them achieve things that they would not be able to do without the training that they receive from the company. They help people solve their own personal disputes with others while also helping them to earn a livelihood in order to provide for their families. This, in our opinion, is their biggest innovation: instead of having a physical innovation, they help connect people and give them hope.

In another report, they noted the overall impact of CFP:

Coffee for Peace promotes the development of peace, equality, justice, and enhancement of the environment. This business has incorporated all these components through selling coffee. Coffee for Peace has given both Christian settlers and Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines a chance to earn money by growing coffee beans.

Congratulations, CFP Farming Partners, CFP Trading Partners, CFP Investing Partners, and CFP Serving Partners!

The CFP Leadership Team

Tala Alngag Bautista, Senior Vice President at CFP, shows her coffee seedlings to Joji Pantoja, Chief Executive Officer at CFP. (File photo)