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Joji Pantoja travelled to Oslo, Norway last 02-07 June 2023, by the invitation of the Business for Peace Foundation, to be a part of the United Nations Business Arena for Sustainability and Peace. This Arena is to be an annual meeting place at the highest level for global investors, board chairs, business leaders and civil society — all working to build back better, bringing business closer to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), building on the UN Charter. Starting in 2024, the Arena will convene the UN’s different private sector initiatives and connect global board chairs and business leaders with the UN, in order to work together for a better and more equitable world. Business for Peace Foundation is a co-creator of this UN Arena on Business and Peace. As one of the three 2020 Business for Peace Awardees, it is Joji’s responsibility to take part in this Arena.

Ms. Joji Pantoja, the President and CEO of Coffee for Peace, Inc., has been invited to the United Nations Business Arena for Sustainability and Peace. This invitation is part of her responsibility as one of the three 2020 honourees of the prestigious Oslo Business for Peace Award. Ms. Pantoja was recognized by the Oslo Business for Peace Foundation for establishing Coffee for Peace as an inspiring social enterprise that empowers marginalized groups from diverse backgrounds, uniting them while actively contributing to the sustainable development of the land.

In a momentous announcement, the Business for Peace Foundation has revealed the establishment of the UN Business Arena for Sustainability and Peace. This novel platform aims to bring together global business leaders, investors, and civil society members to engage in constructive discussions, seek solutions to pressing challenges, and promote the positive role that businesses can play in addressing the world’s most persistent issues.

The UN Business Arena for Sustainability and Peace intends to expand the Business for Peace Foundation’s annual “State of the Union between Business and Society,” working towards a comprehensive global business community event, attracting the UN Secretary-General. By partnering with other organizations, the Foundation aims to foster a new multilateral arena dedicated to exploring solutions and advocating for the positive contributions of businesses in tackling critical global challenges.

The Oslo Business for Peace Award will be an integral part of this transformative journey, with businessworthy leadership at its core. The Foundation seeks guidance and ideas from its Honourees, including Ms. Joji Pantoja, on leveraging this significant achievement and securing the necessary resources for the UN Business Arena. Expanding its capabilities and resources will enable the Foundation to serve as a founding partner in co-creating the Arena.

The UN Business Arena for Sustainability and Peace marks a significant stride forward in the Foundation’s mission to promote businessworthy leadership and foster a more sustainable and peaceful world. The Foundation is confident that this collaborative initiative will enhance the global standing and importance of the Oslo Business for Peace Award and its Honourees, positioning them as role models for businesses worldwide.

Launching in 2024, the UN Business Arena for Sustainability and Peace will harnesses the power of collaboration to drive positive change and create a more inclusive and sustainable future. With a steadfast commitment to advancing businessworthy leadership, the UN Business Arena empowers business leaders to become catalysts for societal transformation.