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Last Wednesday, 05 October, our team visited the Malipayon Peace Hub construction site for an exciting update! The owner of the 3A Modular PreFab, the company entrusted with this project, joined us to provide a comprehensive technical overview of the construction’s current status. We are thrilled to report that the progress is right on target and is comfortably staying within the allocated budget. This inspiring journey of building a hub dedicated to justice-based peacebuilding and reconciliation is progressing smoothly, thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, especially our impact partners.

The Malipayon Peace Hub, which takes its name from the Visayan word for ‘being happy,’ has revealed an inspiring vision for the future. Located at the foot of Mt. Apo, this hub serves as a home for advocates and workers dedicated to justice-based peacebuilding and reconciliation, housing both PeaceBuilders Community and Coffee for Peace.

Staff&Guest House Construction Underway. The hub’s Staff&Guest House is currently under construction, designed to provide a warm welcome to the PBCI-CFP team, visiting teachers, and IncluDev School facilitators. Construction began las August 2023. Target for completion is January 2024.

IncluDev Learning House. At the IncluDev Learning House, knowledge is paramount. It offers seminar rooms and spaces that cultivate growth and learning. Construction will begin on March 2024.

Coffee Learning House. For those with a passion for coffee, the Coffee Learning House is a destination for barista development and coffee mastery. Construction was completed last August 2023.

PostHarvest Processing House. This house supports local farming practices with depulping and dehulling facilities. Old structure is still functioning but is leaky and currently small relative to the present and future demands. Construction of the new house will begin on March 2024.

Roastery & Storage House. Ensuring top-notch coffee experiences, this facility boasts a dedicated bean quality room, roasting machine, and packaging area. Construction was completed last May 2023.

Drying Shed. Our produce benefits from the perfect mix of open air and UV protection in the Drying Shed. Construction was completed last June 2023.

Glamping Area. For those who want to connect with nature in style, the Glamping Area features stand-up tents and world-class toilet and shower facilities. Construction will begin on June 2024.

The Malipayon Peace Hub is grateful for the partnerships that have made this journey of growth and sustainability possible. Together, they are working towards a brighter future for the communities they serve, including Indigenous Peoples, Bangsamoro, and Settlers.

We Changed the Landscape Architecture

In our initial conceptualization, our vision centered around creating a series of integrated structures that would harmoniously blend with the cultural and architectural context of the Bagobo Tagabawa people. However, during the advisory phase of our project, our team of engineers brought to our attention the critical need to account for the unique geographical challenges presented by the terrain surrounding Mount Apo. This region is susceptible to both earthquakes and typhoons, posing significant risks to the stability and longevity of any construction.

Recognizing the gravity of these natural hazards, we embarked on a crucial redesign phase to ensure that our structures would not only honor the cultural heritage of the Bagobo Tagabawa but also provide robust resilience against seismic activity and tropical storms.

Modular Prefab Construction Materials

These are a specialized category of construction materials designed to facilitate the efficient and rapid assembly of buildings using pre-manufactured components or modules. These materials are engineered with a focus on precision manufacturing and interconnectivity. The core idea is to create standardized modules that can be easily combined on-site to construct complete buildings. These modules encompass various building elements, such as wall panels, floor systems, roof components, and integrated building systems like plumbing and electrical infrastructure.

One of the primary advantages of modular prefab construction materials is the significant reduction in construction timelines. Projects can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction methods. This accelerated pace translates to reduced labor costs, minimized project delays, and faster return on investment.

Cost efficiency is another compelling advantage. Prefabricated materials contribute to cost savings through lower labor requirements, reduced material waste, and efficient resource utilization during manufacturing. This cost-effectiveness benefits builders, project owners, and investors alike.

Quality control is a fundamental aspect of prefab construction. The factory-controlled environment ensures a high level of quality assurance, resulting in fewer construction defects and issues during assembly on-site. This quality consistency enhances the long-term durability and performance of the building.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are integral to prefab materials, aligning with the growing demand for green construction practices. The use of sustainable materials, recycling, and resource-efficient manufacturing processes contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of construction projects.

Modular prefab construction materials also offer design flexibility. They can be customized to meet various architectural and design requirements, allowing for creative and unique building designs while maintaining the efficiency of prefabrication.

Safety is another key benefit, as fewer on-site construction activities translate to a safer working environment for construction workers and reduces the potential for accidents.

We can’t wait to provide a welcoming, resilient, and sustainable space for our staff and guests. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project as we work towards creating a brighter future for the communities we serve!