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To protect and enhance the environment

Coffee for Peace believes that economic-ecological transformation cannot be separated from peace building. When we look at nature, we see an organic-relational world (in contrast to the modernistic mechanical-utilitarian worldview). This is how the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines see their environment and we are sharing their lenses.

The best coffee plants grow best under thick forests. Coffee growing, this particular Indigenous People’s way, is natural and environment-friendly. As fellow stewards of our planet, we will respect traditional ways of preserving our natural environment.

Coffee for Peace is also sharing some of our ways to the Indigenous People of Mindanao in the spirit of mutual sharing and respect. We seek to be both learners and teachers when we work with them. We recognize that modern knowledge can be harmonized with traditional wisdom from many cultures, and that this harmonized learning will enrich our mutual growth and development.

We look up to our friends among the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines as they model a view of peace and development in terms of harmony with their Creator (spiritual transformation), harmony with themselves (psycho-social transformation), harmony with others (social-political transformation), and harmony with the creation (ecological-economic transformation).