Relational Harmony

We see relational harmony through its four aspects:

  • Relational harmony with the Creator— that is, spiritual transformation;
  • Relational harmony with our being—that is, psycho-social transformation;
  • Relational harmony with others—that is, socio-political transformation; and,
  • Relational harmony with the creation—that is, economic-ecological transformation.

We’re committed to practice harmony by faithfully advocating justice and peace.

Starting in armed-conflicted areas in our country, we work with coffee farming communities using Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) principles and practices. PAR is a set of knowledge and skills that include justice advocacy, peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and the promotion of active non-violence as a way to resolve conflicts. The end-purpose is to redeem broken relationships, to bring about healing, and to experience reconciliation.

We’re committed to practice harmony by upholding our three-pronged promise.

Our promise is to continually improve in our business practices specifically to help protect and enhance the environment, to walk with the farmers as they strive to improve their lives, and to support the peacebuilders on the field.

We’re committed to practice harmony by being an inclusive business community.

We are a community of conscientious individuals who are passionate about Inclusive Development. We grow our coffee business for people, peace, progress, partnership, and planet.

Our recent trip to Kalinga demonstrates our continuing harmonious relationship-building. This trip is more or less summarized in this 10-minute video: