Coffee For Peace was a 2015 Finalist in the Developmental Social Enterprise Awards (DSEA).

DSEA is jointly presented by PriceWaterhouse Cooper Philippines, Isla Lipana & Co., and the Benita and Catalino Yap Foundation (BCYF).  They aim “to recognize developing, impactful and viable organizations that are committed to social objectives, and can be multipliers of social progress through their enterprises.”

CFP met the awards’ standards as a company with “ethical and viable business model” and have “demonstrated consistent success and shown a commitment to scale up.”

In an article exclusively published for CFP, Alexander B. Cabrera (Chairman and Senior Partner of Isla Lipana & Co. / PriceWaterhouse Cooper Philippines) wrote:

I am reminded of my favorite literary writing by Rabindranath Tagore. He referred the violin string on the table as a violin string that is free, as it is not attached to a violin. But only when it is attached to a violin that it is free to produce music.

Our brothers in the mountains and in Mindanao have been fighting our military for more than 50 agonizing years. And the biggest lesson here is that no one progresses or wins in a war. It is almost heartwarming to learn that many of our own gallant men in the Armed Forces of the Philippines favor the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, or any form of law for that matter, that grants our Muslim brothers the peace they deserve.

Coffee for Peace is one of those social enterprises that have shown how this may be achieved. How inclusive growth is not just a mere punch line. How even a non-legislative solution can be brought about. Rebels fight for freedom. Freedom can be used productively by engaging in enterprise. Yes, the solution in Mindanao is enterprise that’s owned and controlled by its people. If it is a war to make these enterprises flourish and become successful, it is certainly a war that is much easier to win. Peace can be a choice by realizing true freedom—not freedom from, but freedom for.