Coffee For Peace, as a business corporation and as a community, includes:

::  A Board of Directors who are made up of business executives, community leaders, creative communication professionals, and academics.  They are all committed to advance the three pronged advocacy-promise of Coffee For Peace: to help alleviate the lives of the farmers and their families; to protect and enhance the environment; and, to support the peacebuilders in the field.

::  A management team led by a business talent with 20 years of world-class financial planning experience in Canada.  She is a degree holder in Food Service Administration and in Social Entrepreneurship. She is also a coffee connoisseur.

::  The wisdom, knowledge, and experience of dedicated technical staff — agriculture, information management, finance, community development — who have been excelling in their respective fields.

::  A community-network of well-trained and justly-treated farmers who supplies us with their produce at fair traded prices.

Our Team

We listen. We discuss. We advise and develop. We love people. And we make coffee, for peace.


Felicitas B. Pantoja. President & Chief Executive Officer

Tala Bautista. Senior Vice President, Advocacy

Sihaya Ansibod. Vice President, Community Partnership.

Byron Pantoja. Vice President, Operations

Bennette Grace Tenecio-Mañulit. Vice President, Public Relations.


Joji Pantoja. InclusiveBusiness. FinancialManagement.

Tala Bautista. ValuesTraining

Sihaya Ansibod. PartnershipDesign.

Byron Pantoja. QualityGrading. Marketing.

Bennette Grace Tenecio-Mañulit. PsychoSocialPerspectives.

Aldren Banal. ModelFarmDevelopment.

Dianne Grace Regencia. BookKeeping.

Josephine Enriquez. Marketing.

Mandy Velasco Pantoja. SocialMedia

June Rojo. CommunityOrganizing.

Marriam Mabunga. BakeShop.

Edna Pantoja. FoodService.

Lakan Sumulong. StoryTelling.

Our CFP Family & Network