Our three-pronged promise to our partners

Our promise is rooted in our history. Coffee for Peace, Inc. (CFP) was established on April 15, 2008 in Davao City. The idea began in 2006 when the founders helped to facilitate an informal conflict mediation, with their whole Mindanao-based peacebuilding network, between certain Migrant and Bangsamoro farming communities. The two groups were involved in an armed conflict for the ownership of several rice fields ready for harvest, regardless of who planted the rice or who really owned the land. Instead of shooting each other, the leaders of the two parties-in-conflict were invited for a dialogue over coffee. Since then, the two communities avoided killing each other. They started inviting other surrounding communities to have coffee together — for peace.

CFP started as an Income Generating Program (IGP) of the PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. (PBCI)—a Mennonite peacebuilding movement in the Philippines that exists (a) to train and multiply effective Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) Team Leaders; (b) to support the leaders in organizing and nurturing their respective PAR Teams; (c) to establish contextually-relevant PAR Communities; and, (d) to develop a Network of PAR Communities.

To enable PBCI to become self-sustainable, an IGP was created to support its mission.

However, due to the organic social involvement of CFP, it became a separate business entity with the following mission:

:: To protect and enhance the environment

:: To walk with the farmers as they strive to improve their lives

:: To support the peacebuilders on the field.

Coffee for Peace has been training farmers on Arabica production, the principles of fair trade, trading policies and pricing, for the past 8 years. Aside from working in Mindanao, CFP has also trained coffee farmers in the Cordillera Region and is looking forward to train more in the different provinces of northern Philippines.

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To protect and enhance the environment Coffee for Peace believes that economic-ecological transformation cannot be separated from peace building. When we look at nature, we see an organic-relational world (in contrast to the modernistic mechanical-utilitarian worldview). This is how the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines see their environment and we are sharing their lenses. The …


To walk with our farming partners as they strive to improve their lives  Our coffee comes from both the Christian settlers and from various Indigenous Peoples (IP) of the Philippines who are working together in accordance with Peace and Reconciliation principles and practices. With the help of PeaceBuilders Community, an NGO whom we partner …


To support the peacebuilders on the field Coffee for Peace investors, before joining us, have to agree that 25% of their net profit will be donated to PeaceBuilders Community, Inc. This money will be used to support our Peace and Reconciliation Teams (PAR Teams) who are being trained to be agents of peace and reconciliation …


We are grateful for the several national and international recognition awards honoring our farming partners, peacebuilding partners, serving partners, and investing partners.