Coffee farmers, entrepreneurs, workers, and servers who are relatively enjoying harmonious relationships tend to be more energized to continually improve in who they are, what they do, and what they eventually have. Therefore, they tend to produce and serve others with excellence. Here, continuous improvement means quality coffee.

We’re a supplier of world class Arabica and Robusta coffee.

The thousands of cups of coffee served by our professional baristas in our coffee shop received double thumbs up from international NGO executives, foreign missionaries, visiting diplomats, and local business leaders.  We started receiving local and national orders for the coffee beans we use. Our coffee products have been graded as ‘specialty’ and ‘premium’ in accordance with Coffee Quality Institute and Specialty Coffee Association of America.

We ship our coffee beans globally

Wherever you are in this planet, we will be happy to ship quality coffee based on our current supply. Please email us:

Where to find our coffee

We work with selected coffee outlets who also seek continuous improvement in their customer service.


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We are grateful for the several national and international recognition awards honoring our farming partners, peacebuilding partners, serving partners, and investing partners.